Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who am I you ask?

I know who I am.

I’ve seen where I’ve been

and where I am headed.

But who am I,

where did I come from

and what am I doing here?

these are the questions still lingering in my mind.

A wise soul told me the other day…

live your dream before your dream kills you.

I am a dreamer, and my dreams vary like a child with “ADD”.

And in my dreams I am much bigger than reality.

Ah ha! So there it is…the wall of reality..

in my face hunting me down…

every time I take a step through it

it reappears in front of me…

learning to balance with this wall is my destination

the wall is cold

solid and deep set

my dreams are warm

soft and uplifting.

Turning everyday life into lucidity is a mission

..staying in the eye of one

even more of a challenge...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My House.

The house within house

once you've been to that place its like there is no turnin back

I took a glimpse at the "its not cool anymore train"

and watched many of them leave

but Im so thankful I stayed.

I'm walkin the streets again

with my head held high because I know

that what I am into is pure.

watching the scenes burn

and all those hip joints loose grip

all lost in the whats new

beggin for attention

but its love.

Love if they only knew

that would get them there.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I am disappearing

Vanishing into thin air

As everything becomes everything

I enter

The Antithesis of your 2012

Dreams and cycles

Irreverant to belief

Colors sculpting into clear

Left with nothing

Nothing is there

Done begging for my reflection

Mind melting beats drown on

This can’t be your last hand shake

What persona will you don?

Float away in the skies

Evaporating souls

My new dimension

Eclipsed by your beauty night sky

Bathed by your sun

Everything becomes everything

We all become one

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 2010 Standoff~

The dust has not even settled yet

On what I would call a year of tremendous change

Soo little that I can’t even completely reflect clearly yet

With one more event on the horizon, my best friends departure,

I am left with silence.

And wonder

Where is my life headed..

I typically do not care about these thoughts

I understand that it doesn’t matter..

That I am simply here for the ride.

But as waves of focus begin to hypnotize me

I become paralyzed pondering my so called future

Glittered with movements of hope and love in my new engagement

I am satisfied in a different manner, I am happy with her.

My big dreams of sorts (always too big for me most would say)

Left unbeaten

And in comes another beat…another rhythm..

My enemy staring at me from across the room

Wondering when I will begin..

This old western standoff all a little too familiar

Which holster will I take from

My spirit or my earthly soil

Or may I finally draw them both together?

BAM!!! BAM!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!

My integration is not finished.

So bring on 2011..I cannot wait…

because when I bring substance to my spirit…

then the lights will turn on.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self Love~

~beautiful, disintegrating and exploding particles of light
which make up my life
wrapping my life in warmth
I'm shedding my last layers of weight in gold
I am beginning to understand my departure now
will I recognize your light on the other side?
I've shed tears for you oh sun, the last 13 days
looking at my reflection with the sternest of grins...
you make me proud.

Monday, June 28, 2010

We are winning~!

We are winning~

Why are we so hell bent on the end?

I know its hard to watch shit go down the way it has

But instead of waiting for that end Lets dance now.

We are winning~

Why do we allow the grind to interfere on our freedom?

Have we really fallen to the idea that fun has a price?

I don’t know about you but good friends and a beer can go a long long way.

We are winning~

I know you may feel disgruntled, or you may be so caught up in the grind that

These words may move right past you…

But I ask you to stop for one moment, and lift that veil that the media portrays

We are not helpless in matters, we just haven’t learned yet how to believe.

If I have anything to offer this world it is an example of how to believe…

We are winning~

We don’t have to believe in a god,

If you have enough security in your own spirit you will be able to trust people~

And only until we trust eachother will we begin to grow..

And understand

We are winning~

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you sense the change?

Do you hear the heart beat?

Pulsating in your ear

The volume is raising

Pulling us out of fear

I sat back for a while

voice lodged deep inside

…Then something came to me

I couldn’t stop this if I tried

Everything is changing

in 2010

tell me what is this energy

has the physical met its end?

Want to stop but its rollin

Comin by or comin thru

Wanna know a little secret

We are just waiting for you

come out of your shell now

ricochette right off the stars

feel the drumbeats groovin on

as the soul moves through the bars

you can feel your body sway

anyway you choose to groove

once you hear that voice inside

its up to you to choose~